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Past Lab Projects:

  • Diabetes Experiences Study.  This research was supported by a Rutgers NSF RU FAIR grant awarded to Kristin August.
    • This study examined  social network involvement (family, friends, health care providers) in diabetes management and how this involvement differed by marital status, age, gender, and race/ethnicity.  This study further sought to understand how this involvement was related to health behaviors and emotional responses to such involvement.
  • Romantic Relationships and Health Study. This research was supported by the Rutgers Faculty Research Grant Program awarded to Kristin August, Charlotte Markey, & Christopher Nave.
    • This study examined how gay male couples support and regulate their partners’ eating behaviors, and how interactions about health-related issues may elicit cardiovascular reactivity.  The study also compared the pattern of relationships of gay male couples with heterosexual and lesbian women couples (data collected by Charlotte Markey).

Current and former collaborators:

Jamie Dunaev, Laura Collins, Kathleen Jackson, Charlotte Markey, Jane Siegel (Rutgers University, Camden)

Marsha Rosenthal (Rutgers University, New Brunswick)

John Billimek, Karen Rook, & Dara Sorkin (University of California, Irvine)

Mary Ann Parris Stephens (Kent State University)

Melissa Franks (Purdue University)

Jason Newsom (Portland State University)

Benjamin Shaw (University at Albany)

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